Glee Censorship
Hello, all! I didn't intend to post to this journal at all, and I don't know if this will even be read by anybody, but this is something worth saying.

As my profile probably says, I live in Trinidad, part of a tiny little twin-island republic in the Caribbean. Which is known for homophobia. One of the local channels, CNC3, bought over the rights to show Glee- presumably because of its popularity. It now shows on Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. instead of the original air time on Tuesday evening. Being a big enough  Glee fan that I don't want to wait that long and not be able to look at all the reaction fic, episode reactions, icons and whatnot, I just watch it online on Wednesday or Thursday. This, actually, turned out to be a good thing.

Today, I happened to remember it was showing and tuned in to watch, since I liked the end of the episode (The First Time) so much. Three snapshots of scenes were cut out: the pan of Kurt and Blaine lying in bed (fully clothed, pelvises far apart, arms and noses touching- not even kissing!), Kurt running his thumb over Blaine's (fully clad) chest, and Blaine (just his face close-up, nothing else!) smiling at the end. I think they might even have cut out Kurt's Officer Krupke smiling at Blaine onstage at the end. They left the hand-holding and Kurt smiling, so one could tell they'd had sex anyway. All the scenes of Finn and Rachel were left in place as is.

What disgusts and frustrates me about this is that there were no grounds for censorship, and that censorship only applied to the gay couple. The rest of the episode I saw wasn't censored either- they were fine with Kurt and Blaine kissing and holding hands over hearts in the auditorium. The scenes censored did not contain nudity, graphic violence, obscene language or anything else I consider good grounds for censorship. In fact, I've seen worse sex-wise in other shows on this channel. The Finchel scenes were similar, but stayed- the only thing different here was the gender of the couple.

What the cut scenes showed was a couple in love, intimate and comfortable with each other, happy. That's what was so wonderful about this episode- in a time where sex is trivialised and meaningless, this episode showed that in teenage relationships sex can be something meaningful and loving that brings two people closer together. As Burt said, it can  MATTER. The only thing that could possibly be hidden by not showing these scenes is that a gay couple can have sex be a very positive experience that brings them closer and makes them happy, that this is not something wrong. In fact, the two clips they did show would probably bring this across as well, but to a lesser extent. So what was even the point of censoring it? Is this something the public should be protected from? I think not. And I don't even think I can do anything to change it.


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